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Does one need a mechanic when buying a car?

Many car buyers when purchasing a new or used in Kenya prefer coming with a mechanic whom they trust with whole their hearts and would rather not buy or buy a car according to their advise.

In the recent past many car dealers and private car sellers have fallen prey to now popular mechanics who can recommend a car irrespective of any mechanical issue or can not recommend depending on whether he has been promised money by the seller.

It is wise for the who would be the buyer to test the car by himself and consult more than one mechanic to examine the car if necessary so that he/she can get fair judgement on the car. One should also bear in mind that cars cannot be said to be good without thorough diagnosis which many german car buyers do. One cannot drive a car for a kilometre and claim that the car is good or bad without thorough system overhaul or removal of some parts for proper examinations.

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CARS on two year installments x202

You can now pay for your fielder in two year installments at agreed amount. Visit our yard and sample the fielder of your choice and let us settle on the sale price and the rest is as simple as driving your new fielder. We only require your 6 month bank and mpesa statements and copy of ID. Email or call 0721598505

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Why you need to buy cars through toyotamarkets

Many buyers do n0t know how to handle car finance and in many instances get lured into reserving a car in a yard which their bank statements cannot support. This brings dissapointment when the bank declines loan offer. It is prudent to first start by requesting your loan officer to go through your bank statements and advise on the budget of the car that you would qualify for. Always do not go for a car that you friend has; instead, buy a car that is within your budget and which cannot strain your pocket when paying loan.

For more advise on the car to buy, email your 6 months bank and mpesa statements to or call 0721598505 and we will visit you offices to offer you free advice.

Meanwhile email us the car that you are looking for and the budget and we will look for one and arrange for your viewing.


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