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Difference between Smart Stop Axio and normal Axio

Axio smart stop

Toyota Axio new shape whose production started towards the end of 2012 comes with both old normal key-button start technology and a new smart stop technology. The difference between the two versions is that whereas the Smart stop Axio auto switch off the engine when you press the break peddle and switches it on when you release, the normal engine will remain running until you switch off the engine. Advantage of the Smart stop Axio is that you save fuel as at every stop in traffic the car ensures its engine is off meaning if your car is on Taxi business you are guaranteed of fuel efficiency especially if you have a driver who does not mind living the engine running throughout on traffic jam. Buy one from us and enjoy fuel efficiency that you have never experienced before. To order one contact 0721598505, email: or visit our homepage for photos

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Nissan X-Trail diesel 2012

Nissan X-Trail 2000cc Diesel just like other diesel engines cars are known for power. Lorries for instance uses diesel engine because of power, strength and affordability compared to petrol. Locally NGOs, government and parastatals uses Nissan Xtrail diesel from Nissan Kenya. We have a new import X-Trail diesel and we are selling for Kshs 1.7Million. Talk to us through 0721-598505

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Subaru Impreza 2012 with Deposit of 300K

Do you have 300K or even 400K and dream of driving a new import Subaru Impreza with a new registration eg KCX? Well, with the mentioned amount backed up by your six months bank statements you are guaranteed of driving one of our Imprezas without the risks of buying a locally used car which you are not sure whether you will drive it well or you will become a permanent visitor of our local garages.

Employed dudes have more advantage as they only require latest 3 months payslips. NB for a salaried person to qualify the net salary should be more than 54,000/=. You shall enjoy a stress free repayment period of 36-48 months where your monthly pay at reducing balance shall start at 27,000 and reduce over the months. Contact us on 0721-598505 or visit our home page to view photos. Email: ,

Subaru Impreza
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Save 700K with Outlander 2012 7 seater

Many cars including Toyota Vanguard, Honda CRV and Prado are some of the cars that can do off road. Vanguard for instance comes with 2 or 4WD models with 4WD type coming as seven seater. The retailing price of Vanguard locally is 2.5-2.6Million whereas its competitor Mitsubishi Outlander comes with combined 2/4WD switch button and is a seven seater. In our stock we are selling Outlander at Kenya Shillings 1.9Million only. Why not safe that 700K by coming to view Mitsubishi Outlander. View photos at our home page and let us do business.

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Why you should buy VW Touareg Diesel

Volkswagen Touareg 2012 comes in two version; petrol and diesel. With the current economy where everyone is trying save a penny, cars that are consuming less are a choice of many. VW touareg is one of such cars. In our stock we are have Touareg diesel V6 engine, 3000cc with bluemotion technology that enables the car to use very little fuel yet powerful thanks to the usual turbo in VWs. You will be guaranteed with safety that comes through more than 10 airbags in the car. Interior has original full leather, Radio with expander, camera and many other features that comes with German machine. Touareg diesel has ability to rotate fast compared to petrol. Any used car seller with attest that reselling diesel touareg is much faster that even many toyotas in the market. Visit our home page now or contact 0721-598505 to talk to sales person. You can also view the car at our home page or through this link

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Reasons why you should buy VW Golf Bluemotion

For many years cars have been driving on big engines but that is changing. With the quest and the global urge to conserve environment car manufacturers and producing small engine that consume less fuel which translates to low gas emission, and at the same time employing technology such as Turbo to boos the power of a car. Volkswagen is such a company whose cars are using Turbo to provide the users with required power while spending less on fuel. If you need to save on money for fuel VW Bluemotion is the car to purchase. With a budget of 1.070M you can obtain a VW Golf both long chase Variant and short chase. They come with full alloy rims, DVD and genuine mileage. Find all at

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